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Writer's Block: School daze
kris and junior love
Did you remain at the same school(s) or transfer to a number of different schools growing up? How did your early educational experiences impact your self-esteem and confidence?

Pretty much from day one in kindergarten, most of my classmates and I had issues with each other. As the years went by, it just got worse, and finally I decided I needed to get out of there in 7th grade. I moved to another public school about 15 minutes away from my house for the end of middle school and never had I made a better decision.

When people ask me if I made the right choice to move vs just sticking it out where I was at, there is no hesitation when I tell them it was the best decision I've ever made in my life, and I wouldn't change it for anything.

I have met some of my closest friends at this place, and, dare I say it, fallen in love (?)--but that's another can of worms completely. I can't imagine not having been in that school system and I used to wish I'd been there from day one. Now, I'm almost glad in a strange way that I went through what I did at the old school, because it led me to something so much better.

Yes, the experiences in my younger school days traumatized me; I still have horrible trust issues, even with friends, and my self-esteem will probably never be 100%. On the bright side, college has changed me for the better, I think, and I've been able to gain some of my confidence back. It's not all there, but it's coming along.

Where would I be right now if I hadn't done that? I actually think about this a lot...I wonder how my life would be different--would I have the same job as I do now? Would I be at this university? My life could have been vastly different. I don't wish for that, for it to be different, but it's interesting to think about sometimes.


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