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kris and junior love


.:stand in the rain:.

[if i could, i would tell you how i feel]

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i really wanna know...
kris and junior love
where in the hell did "FML" come from? seriously..i mean i use it ALL the time, but where did it start? Who was sitting there thinking of better ways to say my life sucks? i'm grateful, don't get me wrong...it's an understatement when i say 'all the time' but i really want to know.

took a chemistry test today. it sucked BALLS. i thought i was going to do at least semi-ok....ha. well, i won't know for a while i'm sure, but i bet it wont be an A.

yeah, see? I used it.

people are going note crazy on facebook today--nuts. i'm usually the one with the massive amount of notes on that stupid thing. stupid, but ahhh do i love it.

alright...time for the webshow. well, whenever biist gets here. hurry upp woman!
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