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kris and junior love
Here I am, once again, bitching about final exams. What else is new?

I have decided that Syntax (aka: the art of sentence diagramming) is the spawn of the Devil, or some other satanic figure. I keep saying, this is like some components of algebra: when will I ever do this in life?? I fully understand that it's important to teach us the use and proper placement of the subject, verb, direct object, etc in a sentence...but WHY does there have to be an entire 3 credit course that I'm paying thousands of dollars for completely devoted to making sentence diagrams? (That's about 3.5 months, by the way...) Well, whatever, at least I'm not diagramming poetry. *Gag*

On that note, my Modernism class's final ought to be interesting. At the beginning of the semester we bought 15 books from the campus bookstore that would be taking us through the stages of modernism in literature and beyond. Fifteen. And not all fifteen of these lovely little books were simply novels either...most of them contain a large amount of short stories and poems, most of which we've read to accommodate our syllabus. No big deal right?


What is the final entailing, you may ask? Well, I would be happy to clue you in: our professor has seen fit to randomly select a number of excerpts from a selection of the pieces we've read over the semester from which we will have to identify the author, the title of the piece, and answer in short essay format "what it's importance is".

Excuse me, dear professor, did it perhaps escape your attention that we may have had other classes this semester besides yours? GASP! I am sure I'm not alone in the assumption that many of my classmates read a lot more than just the stories contained in these 15 books. How. in. the. hell. are we supposed to pass this test? I don't know about everyone else, but I'm pretty sure I'm not gonna look at one of these passages and go "Oh, of course! That's so-and-so's writing from *insert obscure story title here*!"

It'll be more like: "Oh...yeah...that's...that one guy...who wrote that one...thing....."


Oh, other than that it's smooth sailing, as they say. My Mythology professor somehow decided that he would only be testing us on the Odyssey, versus the entire semester and for my fiction writing class...well, I have quite a few things to write yet for that, but no tests. Ah, and did I mention that modernism douche-bag professor is ALSO having us write another 5-6 page PAPER comparing two or more of the works we've read?? Honestly, I'd like to tell some of these faculty members to pull their heads out of their asses, because apparently being in the school system for over half of their lives hasn't allowed them to understand they aren't the only ones in the world.

I think my ranting may have something to do with the fact that I'm camped out in the library--everyone around me quietly working away at their laptops and studying notecards while I sit here and wish I'd paid closer attention to detail in my modernism readings. We should revolt, really. I wouldn't be opposed. At least give me a cheat sheet on my Syntax final. That'd be great, thanks so much.

I think that's all I have to say on the matter for now...although, I'm going to be in this library for a while so chances are, I'll need another study break and I probably won't be all sunshine and roses when that time rolls around.

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I feel ya. I'm glad that my finals are over! Good luck with you Modernism final! I know you'll rock it!

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