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16. January
kris and junior love
Speaking of trying to hold on to my past...

just when I convince myself that I can let go some, that no one back there really needs to talk to me anymore, someone totally unexpected pops up and makes me hurt again.

Not that I mind my roommate and her boyfriend being here, I honestly don't, it's just that when you thought you'd have the apartment to yourself for a few hours it's kind a downer when that doesn't happen. It's like: now what do I do?

This whole knitting thing--well, I really learned at a good time. It's exactly the kind of thing I need to keep myself grounded. If the shit gets crazy, I just have to pull out that project and work on it for a while. It reminds me that I'm not insane. Or at least I don't think so...

Really, I'm just practicing for when I become the Crazy Cat Lady.



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