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.:stand in the rain:.

[if i could, i would tell you how i feel]

4 April 1989
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I'm not very active on here...I should really be more active.
But how active can an almost college senior really be on a social networking site? Oh yeah, that's right. Very active. Because the vast majority of us do nothing BUT social network. Epic.

I live in this rink-i-dink little apartment with three other girls. Currently: we hate each others' guts. It's fun.

I'm a 2007 high school graduate and right now I'm studying English with an emphasis on writing. Also just re-declared Mass Communications, WHICH was my major to begin with. Now I figured I may as well just finish it up as a minor. I'm supposedly graduating from college in 2011, but that's looking bleak as of right now. I'm a little behind because I had an "interesting" sophomore year. And when I say interesting, I mean it sucked.

I'm a country girl, through and through(although I'm no stranger to city life). I love baseball and hockey and I died a little inside when the Yankees won, yet again, the World Series title. My horse is quite possibly one of my best friends--I don't care if that sound cliche, it is what it is. Same goes for my two dogs. I'm not a fan of poetry and sentence diagramming can go straight to Hell where it belongs.

Work and school consume my life. Sleeping is a foreign concept these days. But it's ok, because it's overrated, really.

I think I might be in love. If anyone is reading this and has been told they're the master of all things relationships, you should drop me a line. I'm in need of some serious guidance at the moment...oy vey.

Ps- I'm a hopeless romantic (which definitely gets me in trouble in fiction writing class), I let music describe how I feel, friends are everything to me, I've always trusted Snape, and I'm Team 'let's have a 3-some'. [Twilight reference, if you aren't into that sort of thing]
baseball, driving at night, fall, going out with friends, music, my horse, reading, reading fanfic (slightly obsessed), road trips, singing, snow, trail rides, watching baseball/hockey games, writing